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In our laboratory, various research fields related to "human" are studied from the mechanical point of view. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in below topics.


Animation of musculoskeletal simulation for swimming (AVI, 2.8MB)

Biomechanics is one of the main field of our laboratory. An example shown in the left figure is the result of musculoskeletal simulation for human swimming. We are now mainly focusing on biomechanics of human swimming since it is a challenging topic due to difficulty to consider fluid force acting on the whole body of the swimmer.

Sports Engineering

Jump to the website of Swimming Human Simulation Model "SWUM"

Another main field of our laboratory is Sports Engineering, in which the various problems related to sports is studied from the viewpoint of mechanical engineering. For eaxmple, the left figure is linked to the website of Swimming Human Simulation Model "SWUM" and its implemented software "Swumsuit". In this simulation model, the fluid force and equations of motion for the swimmer are computed by utilizing the thoery of fluid dynamics and robotics. We are now conducting many research topics using this simulation technique.


Movie of crawl motion for swimming robot (WMV, 4.8MB)

Biorobotics is a new research field in which the animal (including human) motions are mimicked for some application, or novel robots are created inspired by the animal motions, structures, and functions. The left figure is a movie of crawl motion for a swimming robot, which has been developed by us. We also had developed a dolphin robot which can swim in the three-dimensional space although this project is now suspended.

Welfare Engineering

Movie of experiment of prothetic for one side above-elbow amputation (MPEG, 4.4MB)

In welfare engineering, various tools, devices, and machines are developed for physically disabled and/or elderly persons. The left figure is an our example of a prothetic for one side above-elbow amputation. In this experiment, normal healthy subject attached the prothetic, bending his elbow. We will develop such kind of various tools, devices, and machines used in daily various situations in our life.

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